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Live Webinar - Digital Contract Workflow For Logistics Industry In Hong Kong - 7th May 2020

Learn how e-signature to reinvent your business operations under pandemic for Logistics Sector

Webinar Date: May 7th, 2020. 11:30am - 12:15pm HK time 

 Language: Cantonese 

Some things you may care: 

- Looking for immediate result in cost saving (20% cost saved in 30 days) 
- Engaging new eCommerce market (Cutting-edge new sales channel)
- Facilitating full digital business process under pandemic (New form of team collaboration and how SaaS based e-signature ensuring your business continuity and enhancing the efficiency for both your staff and your customers) 


It is not rare to see on newspaper that people are scrambling daily stock or empty store. Physical trade/distribution is always demanding in logistics industry and business opportunities are anywhere even now. However, why always the logistics giants can grab this opportunity and my business are always not catching up or suffering? The key point is how your business utilizes the technology to minimise your cost while enhancing the efficiency. It is the worst of times to do business, but it is the best of time to reinvent your business tho. Please join our webinar to learn how e-signature help your company to save cost and reinvent your business operations in 30 days.     

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