Equitrac Professional

A cost recovery system for law firms that tracks all essential client service activities to support accurate, comprehensive billable revenue strategies, increase productivity of support staff, and lower IT spending.

Firms are constantly being challenged to provide the highest level of service to their clients, employing the right processes and technologies for increasing the productivity of their employees—all with a watchful eye on the impact to a profitable firm.

Equitrac® Professional meets these challenges by enabling firms to deliver a single cost recovery system to handle tracking and processing all your client service activities. Whether its walk-up copies or scans, printing, faxes or even courier expenses, Equitrac Professional quickly captures the right client/matter information from your T&B system, and automatically associates accurate costs to those services so your firm can make informed and profitable client billing decisions.

Equitrac Professional

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  • Accurate: Automates chargeback to specific client/matter with integration to all the major time and billing systems.
  • Integrated: Works with existing  printers, MFPs copiers, scanners and fax machines.
  • Complete: Imports all disbursements with easy exception handling and approval capabilities.
  • Efficient: Preview, process and route documents into a secure print or Nuance image capture workflow.