About Topprot
Top Professionals Technology Company Limited (TOPPROT) was found in Jan 2015. Our founders have more than 20 years experience as Solution Consultants and Project Managements for Multinational Firms in the area of Digital Document Workflow / e-Signature / Online Conference / Cost Management and Recovery Solutions .
The COVID-19 outbreak imposes the greatest challenge of business continuity to the commercial world. Digital Transformation is no longer an item in the agenda but an immediate action item so that the business keeps going with majority staff, business partners, customers are working from home. Electronic documents, digital workflow of contract agreement and document archival are one of the prime area as a cornerstone of the digital transformation.
We strives to provide solutions to help our customers in digital transformation, enhance productivity without the restriction of physical presence of the people and documents  as well as compliant to the ever changing regulatory requirement on data security and data privacy.
Our commitment to our customers
  • Foster effective and efficient business operations via mutual trust and understanding
  • Be professional and drive excellence in what we do
  • Ensure our customers are at the frontier of business operations in the ever changing digital business er

We provide sales and project management of a wide range of professional cross industries solutions that cater for various sizes of corporates, from local SMEs to Multinational Corporates.

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